We are one of the biggest Indonesian company engaged in manufacture and supply of coconut derivatives. Our company is very experienced in the industry, We have gathered the finest experts to guarantee the quality of our products. That’s why our company has a good cooperative relationship with our customers.

       We plant and process more than 1,250 hectares of coconut plantations. From the raw coconut picked up by the farmer until the coconut is processed to be the finest quality coconut products for our customers all around the world.


Quality customer service and support is our top priority and is represented in everything we do.


We always strive to do the right thing and take responsibility for our actions.


Commitment is important where we will continue to provide the best to our customers and investors all the time.


Inventing, designing, and developing breakthrough products and services.

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Frequently Asked Question

Coconut derivative products are the result of further processing of each part of the coconut fruit which has its own methods and procedures to produce various products with different uses.

coconut oil for health and cosmetics, briquette for cooking, CFAD for detergents and paint, to desiccated coconut for food, we keep on finding new ways of utilizing this plant. Cocofiber can be processed into ropes and door mats, while cocopeat can be used as a planting medium for nursery businesses.

From the raw coconut picked up by the farmers, we process it in our factory with different methods and procedures for every coconut derivative products. Our products are examined by the finest experts from our company to ensure it is the best quality product.

There are many coconut derivative products. And here at Coco Explore, we provide RBD Coconut Oil, Crude Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, CFAD Oil, Coconut BBQ Briquette, Coconut Briquette Charcoal, Coco Fiber, Coco Peat, Coconut Meal, and Desicatted Coconut.

Feel free to contact us at Whatsapp : +62 81219642273 or E-mail : admin@coex-global.com, order the type of order & quantity, after the payment is complete, we will process the order immediately and we serve purchases at small, medium and large scale purchase.

We are currently accept only Telegraphic/Swift Wire Transfer (T/T).

50% down payment in advances is required to start production. The rest of the payment has to be done upon invoice after container loaded. Original document will be sent to the consignee upon receipt the transfer.

All samples are charged 1.5 times normal production price without minimum quantity. We do not give free samples in order to avoid unfair business practices.


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